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Non-Repairable Pneumatic Cylinders.

Non-Repairable Pneumatic Cylinders

American Cylinder offers a variety of products to satisfy your small bore air cylinder requirements. Choose from the industrial interchange Stainless Steel Series air cylinders, the Heavy Duty Aluminum 76-Series air cylinders, or the Corrosion Resistant CR-Series air cylinders. Sensor switch actuation capability is available on most models.

Flow Control Valves.

Flow Control Valves

American Cylinder's line of flow control products simplifies piping of air supply by offering push-in connect as well as threaded tube connections with either knob or screw type adjustments.

Low Profile LPC-Series Pneumatic Cylinders.

Low Profile LPC-Series Pneumatic Cylinders

The Low Profile Repairable LPC-Series air cylinders feature hard anodized aluminum extruded bodies, high performance rod bearings, hard chrome plated stainless steel rods and internally lubricated carboxilated nitrile seals for applications where space is at a premium. Available in sizes from 9/16" bore thru 2-1/2" bore.

Linear Slide LSC-Series Pneumatic Cylinders.

Linear Slide LSC-Series Pneumatic Cylinders

The LSC-Series Linear Slide product line offers a lower cost solution to non-rotating cylinder applications having load requirements less demanding than higher priced pneumatic cylinder alternatives. Available in cylinder sizes from 5/16" bore thru 2" bore.


Flange, Foot and Pivot Brackets

Flange, Foot and Pivot Brackets.

• Flange brackets are cast aluminum alloy and designed for use on the front mounting threads of American Cylinder's Hard Coated Aluminum Body cylinders. One mounting nut comes with each flange bracket ordered.
• Foot brackets designed for use on the cylinder's mounting threads are made from zinc plated cold rolled steel. One mounting nut comes with each foot bracket ordered. Stainless steel foot brackets are available for use on certain cylinder models.
• One piece cast aluminum alloy bracket for use on American Cylinder's Hard Coated Aluminum Body cylinders except 2-1/2'' bore. Each pivot bracket comes with a pivot pin and a cotter pin.


Mounting Nuts, Rod Clevis and Trunion Brackets

Mounting Nuts, Rod Clevis and Trunion Brackets.

• Mounting nuts are made from zinc plated cold rolled steel and available for cylinder models with mounting threads.

• Rod clevis for use on the cylinder's rod threads are made from zinc plated cold rolled steel. Each rod clevis comes with one rod nut, clevis pin and cotter pin.

• Trunnion brackets are designed for use on American Cylinder's Stainless Steel Series Cylinder and Magnetic Field Cylinder lines for both block front and block rear trunnion mount cylinder models.


Special Design Pneumatic Cylinders.

Special Design Pneumatic Cylinders

American Cylinder engineers and specials department can design and manufacture custom cylinders to meet the needs of your unusual or difficult pneumatic or hydraulic application.

Tie Rod Pneumatic Cylinders.

Tie Rod Pneumatic Cylinders

American Cylinder's Mini-Pak-Series and MSP-Series tie rod air cylinders provide for higher force and more rugged cylinder applications. These tie rod style design air cylinders incorporate NFPA mounting styles and are available for low profile, power multiplication and NFPA mounting air cylinder applications in sizes from 1-1/2" bore thru 8"bore.

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