Aventics / Rexroth Cylinders
Marex OS II CPP – designed for an economic
operation of controllable pitch propeller & water jet drives.


With its modular system architecture the Marex OS II CPP is a cost-effective remote control system which can be adapted to the propulsion system flexibly and easily. This means consumption-optimized settings as well as comfortable and safe control of controllable pitch propeller and jet drives.

• Design and function custom-configurable
• On request, drawing approvals and FAT
• All components meet the requirements of ship   classification authorities
• High availability thanks to serial CAN bus

Marex OS III

Aventics Valves & Valve Systems
Marex OS III – remote control system for reversing gear systems.

Utility vessels with classification, passenger ships, coastal cargo liners, to yachts can all rely on one of our most tried and tested products. The hardware of the Marex OS III consists of only a few modular units that are extremely powerful thanks to their bus connection.

• Flexible, modular system architecture
• Simple installation thanks to pre-assembly
• Bridge components also suitable for outdoor   installation
• Drawing approval and FAT on request

Marex OS 3D

Aventics Pressure Regulators
The joystick system for relaxed, safe journeys.


Even in the tightest of spaces, the Marex OS 3D joystick system allows for intuitive ship control. It’s a simple principle: the operator moves the joystick and the ship mirrors the movement exactly. The controller automatically compensates for external influences, such as wind or current.

• Intuitive operation
• Flexible interface
• Stand-alone joystick station
• Turnkey solution



Marex AMC Modular

Aventics Flow & Check Valves
Marex AMC Modular – your safety upgrade


Marex AMC Modular offers major benefits for data transmission and security thanks to CAN bus technology. Displays from 6.5" to 19" are available with a touch function on request. The user interface can be customized.


• The CAN bus technology reduces installation time,   offering a maximum of safety at the same time.
• Can be easily configured via a computer
• Display variants ranging from 6.5" – 19"
• Available with a touch function on request







Marex ECS

Aventics / Rexroth Compressed Air Preparation
Marex ECS – designed to keep the course.


Excellent design supports operation in all situations. The straightforward, timeless style of the Marex ECS goes well with any ship design. The icons on the control panel are self-explanatory and enable language-independent, intuitive operation.


• Exclusive chrome surfaces, contrasted with black
• Language-independent icons
• Subtle backlight illumination
• Dynamic, asymmetric levers
• Unique, timeless design

Marex VCS

Aventics / Rexroth Connection Technologies
The environmentally friendly Marex VCS (Valve Control System) ballast tank system


Unrivalled in the TCO analysis thanks to cost-effective procurement, reliable continuous operation, and low operating costs: Our pneumatic ballast tank systems convince with a proven design, personal support up to commissioning – and a global service network.


  • • Manual emergency control, feedback display for the   valve.
  • • Touchscreen control with mimicked ship movement
  • • Optionally integrated tank monitoring
  • • Standardized data communication to all systems on   board
  • • Interface to Marex AMC




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