mk Automation, Inc., founded in 1988 as the North American headquarters of mk Technology Group, first gained recognition for its innovative Aluminum Framing System designed as a cost-effective and more flexible alternative to traditional steel weldments.

As the acceptance of aluminum extrusions progressed, so did mk North America, Inc. by expanding its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of manufacturing companies and machine builders. Today, mk North America, Inc. manufactures a vast array of mechanical components and systems using the Aluminum Framing System as the base technology. Thanks to a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, hard work and customer care - mk North America, Inc. is trusted in Canada, Mexico and the United States as the complete source for aluminum framing, low profile conveyor, guarding and linear motion systems.

MK North America Company


Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

mk North America, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality low profile conveyors. Whether you need a basic belt conveyor or a comprehensive conveyor system, put the mk North America team to work for you. You will experience first hand the benefits of our innovative design, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and top quality - all committed to improving the efficiency of your material flow.


■ Flat Belt Conveyors

■ Curve Conveyors

■ Incline Conveyors

■ Cleated Belt Conveyors

■ Multi-Lane Conveyors

■ Plastic Modular Belt Conveyors

■ Flat Top Chain Conveyors

■ Chain Conveyors

■ Timing Belt Conveyors

■ Roller Conveyors

■ Turntables


Though mk North America, Inc. provides the most extensive offering of standard conveyors; modifications and custom engineered designs are sometimes needed to achieve the optimum solution for your application. In addition to the benefits of our modular construction we offer more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom material handling equipment for various industries.


Aluminum Framing Systems

Aluminum Framing Systems

mk North America, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Modular Aluminum Framing Systems for machine building and other framing applications. As one of the pioneers in this industry mk has developed a product offering over the last 20 years which in terms of quality, variety, value and flexibility is second to none.

Our pre-engineered system enables you to reduce lead time and cost for engineering and fabrication.


With the mk Aluminum Framing System you can build just about anything you can imagine. This includes machine guards, bases, frames, enclosures, racks, carts, workstations, and much more. You name it, we can built it.

What's more, mk offers the broadest line of aluminum profiles, connectors and accessories available. This means you can design and build your products exactly the way you want. All mk Products are engineered to fit together precisely, align accurately and assemble quickly.


■ 4 Profile Series (25, 40, 50 and 60 Series)
■ Over 200 different Profile Shapes
■ More than 2,000 accessory components

■ Compatibility with Conveyor and Linear
     Motion Products allows for easy and
     economical design of complex automation systems

Safety Guarding & Enclosures

Safety Guarding & Enclosures

Aluminum extrusions have surpassed welded steel structures as the way to build protective guards and enclosures in almost every industry worldwide. With the mk Aluminum Framing System, you can build just about anything you can imagine. This includes perimeter guards, integrated machine guards, safety enclosures, sliding doors and windows, counterbalanced doors and much more.


Whatever enclosure needs you have, be assured mk has the solution for you.


■ Machine Enclosures
■ Safety Enclosures
■ Sound Enclosures
■ Clean Rooms
■ Fume Hoods
■ Room Enclosures
■ Other Enclosures


The flexibility and variety of our Aluminum Framing System combined with more than 40 years of application experience in various industries guarantees an ideal and cost-effective solution for almost any situation. At mk we offer:


■ Free engineering and application support
■ Concept drawings with each quote
■ 2D / 3D CAD Models
■ Detailed approval drawings prior to build
■ Kitting and Assembly Services
■ Custom colored extrusions and panel materials to     match your equipment


Factory Equipment

Factory Equipment

Today's manufacturing environment has a growing demand for individually designed work-stations which can be re-configured and expanded easily to respond to changing market demands. Besides the general advantages of the mk Framing System such as flexible connections, rigidity and clean design, the mk workstation program offers a modular product pallet to create economical custom solutions to meet your specific requirements.


■ Advantages of mk Workstations

mk draws from years of know-how in the area of customer-specific workstations. This, and the experience of having worked together with customers on countless projects, has given us the experience, and was the basis for, the development of a mature Standard Workstation System designed to reflect the current state of the art in ergonomics.


■ Functionality
Besides the general advantages of mk Profile Technology such as flexible connections, rigidity and clean design, the mk workstation program offers a standardized product pallet to create custom designs to meet your individual specific requirements. Flexible modules simplify the planning and layout.


■ Ergonomics
Our workstations are designed to provide a balance between human well-being and performance.

It is a known fact that the ergonomically ideal layout of workstations and workplaces not only stimulates the efficient manufacture of products in general, yet also has direct benefits with respect to reducing the psychological demands placed on employees.

New Products

mk Lift System

mk Lift System


Problem Definition

In order to link a manufacturing process, during which a machine that is integrated downstream, functions at a slower speed but operates longer, a transfer system is required using a buffer zone for 40 pallets arranged in 5 levels and capable of transporting a total load of 10 tons. The lifting system must be designed for the transfer of products weighing 250 kg per pallet (600 x 800 mm). The pallet must be rotated 90º and discharged onto the respective buffer level.


mk Solution

mk Lift System with base frame made of Profile Series 50. Lift unit with slewing ring and timing belt conveyor ZRF-P 2010 has a capacity of 300 kg. A counter weight and motor incl. holding brake for securing a load of up to 600 kg. Additional pegs at the transfer stations. Feed-in and storage area with reinforced SRF-P 2012 for a load of 300 kg/m and up to 1,200 kg total capacity, during 3 m/min.


mk Magnet-S-Conveyor

mk Magnet-S-Conveyor


Problem definition

Linking a production system for brake shoes. Continuous transport of ferromagnetic workpieces from a transfer height of 1,000 mm to a transport elevation of approx. 2,500 mm. During transport, the products must not change their position. The conveyor must be adjusted to meet the complex routing and installation requirements.


mk Solution

S-conveyor based on the GUF-P 2000 with central BC drive and curved profiles, using a radius of 1,200 mm. Permanent magnets are integrated into the belt body and guarantee the proper orientation of the suspended transport even through curved segments.


Linear Motion

Linear Motion

Our product philosophy is focused towards providing modular solutions for technically demanding manufacturing applications while maintaining high standards of rigidity, functionality and flexibility. The add-on principle allows for the easy integration of linear motion modules with our structural aluminum framing system.



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