Spartan Scientific was formed in 1978 with a mission to redefine industrial solenoid valves and related products. We started with DIN quick connect solenoid coils, quick mounting solenoid operators and interchangeable coil versions. Spartan has effectively reduced installation costs and related setup while reducing retrofits and service times. Spartan solenoid valves incorporate fully encapsulated coils and the highest quality brass and stainless steel in every assembly. Our solenoid operators can be placed directly into your assembly for a neater, more compact end product which meets functional as well as aesthetic demands. Many of the products manufactured by Spartan Scientific are specials, or variations of standard products.


Solenoid Operators

Solenoid Operators

At the heart of each valve made by Spartan Scientific is the solenoid, plunger and plunger tube. While seemingly simple devices, the key to long, trouble free life is in the details of these operators. Made with premium materials to exacting standards and checked by state of the art measuring devices, the Spartan solenoid offers the best value for function on the market today. A guarantee of high cycle life as well as rugged and trouble free life of the valve is Spartan's quality goal. More than just conversion of electrical signals into fluid mechanical motion, the Spartan solenoid is the culmination of many years of experience and knowledge of media control.


Series 1500

The Spartan Scientific Series 1500 is a 15 mm wide 2-way or 3-way, 2 position solenoid valve which features small size with large flow and consistent, repeatable function.


Series 2500

The Spartan Scientific Series 2500 Sub-Micro solenoid operators are designed for piloting 3 and 4-way directional control valves and pneumatic actuators.


Series 3800

The Spartan Scientific Series 3800 solenoid operators are specially designed for the pilot function of 3 and 4-way pneumatic directional control valves.


Series 38KRE and 38KRI Series

The Spartan Scientific Series 38KRE & 38KRI are a miniature solenoid operator pilot assemblies designed to control inert gasses and liquids and is made to easily mount to a flat manifold surface.


Series 4000

The Spartan Scientific Series 4000 solenoid operators are used as 2 and 3-way in-line poppet valves or to pilot larger 3 and 4-way spool valves.


Direct Acting Solenoid Valves

Direct Acting Solenoid Valves

Spartan Scientific direct acting solenoid valves are designed for long life and trouble free service in media control. Spartan's high tech solenoid operator when coupled with precision made valve bodies of zinc die casting, engineered polymers, brass or stainless steel, are a winning combination of value for many applications. Relied on in machinery from endoscope cleaning to floor sweeping, orange juice machines to suspension leveling, the Spartan direct acting valve line comes in ported and manifold mounted versions as well as cartridge type versions.


Series 2510

The compact size of the Spartan Scientific Series 2510 Sub-Micro solenoid valve allows it to be used in applications when size restrictions prohibit the use of larger valves.


Series 3822

The Spartan Scientific Series 3822 is a 2 or 3-way single solenoid valve with a spring return.


Series 3823

The Spartan Scientific Series 3823 is a composite body solenoid valve offered in both 2-way and 3-way normally open or closed functions and seven orifice sizes.


Series 3824

The Series 3824 is a 2 or 3-way, 2-position composite body solenoid valve designed to take the place of a fitting using a female inlet and male outlet port.


Series 3825

The Spartan Scientific Series 3825 is a composite body solenoid valve featuring integrated .250 inch O.D. quick connect tube fittings right in the valve body.


Series 3826

The Spartan Scientific Series 3826 is a unique answer to inert gas and liquid mixing, diverting and media control.

Diaphragm Process Valves

Diaphragm Process Valves

Spartan Scientific produces a full line of diaphragm process valves which incorporate the state of the art solenoid, premium materials made to exacting specifications and quality standards. Spartan diaphragm valves offer a port range from 1/8″ to 2″ NPT, BSPT, as well as manifold mounting styles. This unique and targeted style of valving was produced to fill the demanding needs of Spartan's customers. Materials used are brass, stainless steel as well as engineered polymers for value and long trouble free service. These full flow, low cost valves are in use in many various applications from mobile to industrial, garbage trucks to potato chip manufacturing.


Series 3500

The Spartan Scientific Series 3500 2-way, 2-position solenoid/air operated pilot valve uses the latest combinations of technologies for materials and function. This combination provides the user with the highest quality, smallest size per Cv of flow and most competitive pricing of any valve on the market.


Series 3505

The Spartan Scientific Series 3505 is a 2-way, 2-position, normally closed or normally open valve for the control of air, oil, water, or media that is compatible with valve materials of manufacture. The valve features a zero minimum pressure differential while still boasting a full flow 1/2" orifice. Available in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" NPT, the 3505 can handle pressures to 230 psi.


Series 3510

The Spartan Scientific Series 3510 2-way, 2-position solenoid/air operated pilot valve uses the latest technologies for materials and function. This combination provides the user with the highest quality, smallest size per Cv of flow and most competitive pricing of any valve on the market.


Series 3580

The Spartan Scientific 3580 is an engineered composite 2 way, 2 position solenoid/air operated valve designed for the control of liquid media and inert gas.


Series 3585

The Spartan Scientific Series 3585 2-way, 2-position solenoid diaphragm valve offers the highest flow for the lightest weight in its class.


Series 35KR

The Spartan Scientific Series 35KR 2-way, 2-position solenoid valve is a variation on the popular 3500 Series valves which feature miniaturized size vs. flow rate while allowing the user to manifold multiple outlets with one inlet.


Series 4500

The Series 4500 solenoid valves are designed specifically for high flow, high pressure applications. With orifice sizes of 8mm to 12mm and port sizes of 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" NPT, the valve is offered with a manual override standard.


Series 4700

The Series 4700 solenoid valves are designed specifically for high flow, high pressure applications. With orifices sizes of 20mm to 25mm and port sizes of 3/4" and 1.0" NPT, the valve is offered with a manual override standard.

Media Separated Valves

Media Separated Valves

The Spartan Media Separated Solenoid Valve line uses the high quality Spartan solenoid operator at its heart but adds a very specialized and exacting twist. The Media Separated Valve consists of a convoluted rolling diaphragm, coupled with a specially designed cavity which allows for minimized pressure-force ratios that promote function while ensuring that the metal parts stay clean and dry. All of this plus a very low volume for ease of cleaning and flushing of the valve. Specifically designed for media service, these valves are the heart of machinery used in bun steaming to embryo inoculation. Offered in media compatible materials, Spartan Media Separated Valves solve problem applications in media control.


Series 3B23

The Spartan Scientific Series 3B23 is a compact, media separated 2-way normally closed solenoid valve for use with chemicals or water whereby the media is contained in the valve cavity and does not come into contact with the metal parts of the solenoid operator. The 3B23 features a long life solenoid that incorporates a fully encapsulated coil, stainless steel plunger and tube assembly as well as a rolling diaphragm which enables the valve to function at pressures up to 120 psi with orifice sizes ranging from 0.6mm to 2.0mm. Flow rates of 1.5 gpm can be attained. The single in-line valve body features metal reinforced 1/8"NPT threads and has an ultra small volume and simple flow path for clean switching. The valve is available in all standard voltages and comes standard with a 6.5 watt coil.


Series 4B23

The Spartan Scientific Series 4B23 is a media separated, dry operator type 2-way 2-position solenoid operated valve where the media remains isolated from the metal working components within the valve. This creates a barrier to contamination to both the fluid and the operator which serves two purposes. The media remains untainted by the metals in the operator while the close tolerance moving parts of the valve are insulated from the effects of particulates, aggressive chemicals which can effect long term life of solenoid valves. The 4B23 is available in 1/4 or 3/8 inch NPT connections with orifice ranges from .8 to 5mm which gives the 4B23 great flow and operating pressure ranges to meet differing applications. The 4B23 features a DIN quick connect coil or flying leads connection. The valve is designed for long trouble free life with the incorporation of a rolling type diaphragm, life cycle proven metal operator components and a fully encapsulated coil system. The Valve is available in normally closed or normally open configurations and has two body ports for convenient fluid connection.


Series 4BKR

The Spartan Scientific 4BKR is a 2-way, 2-position media separated solenoid valve that is used for the control of ultra pure or corrosive media that would otherwise cause premature failure on wetted type solenoid valves. Featuring the Spartan Scientific low volume valve cavity and the rolling diaphragm, the 4BKR has no convolutions for chemicals to congregate or dead spots for flow. The all encapsulated coil, stainless tube and plunger assembly are designed for a long trouble free life. Also featuring a quick connect interface, the valve can be mounted in a gang style on a manifold block by using four fasteners and two o-rings.

New Products


Series 3680

The Spartan Scientific Series 3680 2-way, 2-position solenoid diaphragm valve offers the highest flow for the smallest overall size in its class. The valve is designed from the ground up using modern design technologies and materials. Featuring a full flow 1.125” (28 mm) orifice, the 3680 is available in either normally open or normally closed configurations. The PEI body is media compatible, light in weight, and by use of external metal port rings, is virtually indestructible. The normally open version of the valve features an optional turn lock manual override and has no external by-pass tube which eliminates leak points and size. The body is available in 3/4” and 1.0” NPT. The low wattage solenoid features an Industry Standard 22 mm wide coil electrical interface and is nylon encapsulated. FKM, EPDM and NBR are standard elastomers and the operators are made of stainless steel / brass or stainless steel / brass with copper shading rings for AC versions. Typical applications include control of inert gases, water and compatible fluids.

Series 3827

The Spartan Scientific Series 3827 is a composite body solenoid valve offered in both 2-way and 3-way normally open or closed functions and seven orifice sizes. Component features include the proven Spartan Series 3000 solenoid operator available in brass/stainless or all stainless pilot design, optional seal materials and nylon encapsulated coil. The "basket" orifice design feature allows the possibility of changing the orifice diameter to meet flow requirements within a matter of seconds. The DuPont Zytel composite material is media compatible, eliminating the need for stocking multiple body materials.





Series 6200

The Spartan Scientific 6200 Series is a 2-way or 3-way, 2 position direct acting solenoid valve utilizing a long life spring compensated solenoid poppet at the heart of an all stainless solenoid operator (430FR and 316SS). Standard body material is glass filled nylon. With orifice sizes ranging from 0.8mm up to 6.0mm standard, the 6200 valve can handle a wide variety of flow rates as well as pressure ranges from 0 to 250PSI in various versions. Offered with or without manual override, the 6200 series employs use of the orifice basket design unique to Spartan valves which allows for quick change-over for production of any orifice size as standard. This aids in versatility of valve manufacture and increases valve availability. The composite valve body is of robust design and is compatible with liquids and gasses at lowest possible cost. The ports available are 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" NPT standard. All common voltages are offered as well as electrical connection styles which include a DIN 43650 spaded coil as well as flying lead styles. Coils are sealed to IP 65. Valve functions include normally closed, normally open, mixing and diverting.


Air Piloted Solenoid Valves

Air Piloted Solenoid Valves

Spartan Air piloted valves are offered in sizes from 1/4″ to 2″ NPT and control media and steam from 1 to 750 psi in various valve configurations. These rugged process valves are used in rigorous environments where precise control of media is required. All versions incorporate a long life air actuator which provides the control of piston and ball valve type valves. Materials include brass, bronze, and stainless steel. These valves are media separated by means of the pneumatic actuators as valve operators.


Series APV-10

The Spartan Scientific Series APV-10 is a versatile 2-way, 2-position air piloted valve that can be controlled by a three-way, four- way solenoid valve or hand pilot valve.


Series APV-20

The Spartan Scientific Series APV-20 is a 2-way, 2-position valve specifically designed for the control of steam.


Series APV-30

The Spartan Scientific Series APV-30 is a rugged full featured, pneumatically piloted ball valve. The unit is available in normally open, normally closed or double acting versions. With sizes from 1/2" to 2" NPT or BSP, the APV-30 will flow up to 85 gpm. The unit is compact as compared to competitive rack and pinion or motorized ball valves and comes standard with an ON-OFF indicator.

Drain Valves

Drain Valves

Spartan Scientific CRDV (condensation removal drain valve) are unique and efficient methods to increase efficiency of industrial pneumatic systems while ensuring that the system remains free of condensate and contaminates. The CRDV consists of two main types of operations, open and closed loop. Open loop drains consist of timers attached to diaphragm type solenoid valves which are operator set to energize in preset time intervals in order to remove condensate from the pneumatic system. While these systems are low cost, by nature they can become somewhat inefficient as the volumes of condensate are constantly changing throughout the year necessitating changes to the timing of the removal of condensate.



The Model CRDV (Condensation Removal Drain Valve) is a compact, modular combination specifically designed for air line condensation removal. With two timer / connection options and three valve sizes to choose from, an optimal system can be attained for most condensation problems.



The Spartan Scientific CRDV/S is an electronic on-demand drain which couples an electronic sensor integrated with a solid-state logic analysis circuit to determine the exact amount of time the modular solenoid valve should be energized to empty condensate from the pneumatic system.

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