Sugino, a diverse corporation, offers some of the finest manufacturing equipment available on the market today. With its roots established back in 1936, Sugino is pleased to offer reliable, high quality products, which are separated into four main categories: Selfeeder Drilling and Tapping, High Pressure Cleaning and Deburring, High Pressure Pumping Systems and Superoll Roller Burnishing Tools.

Sugino's Selfeeder product line has set the "industry standard" in accuracy and reliability for drilling and tapping units. The Selfeeder product line is available in a wide array of units, which gives our customers the flexibility and agility to handle even the most complex applications.



Selfeeder Component
Drilling Units

Air/Electric Type to 7.5 HP (5.5 kW)

Electric Series

Precision air feed drilling with rapid advance
Maximum TIR of 0.0006"
Patented no-drift spindle design
Precision alignment with internal guide bar


Global Series

Precision air feed drilling
Dual bar system
Coolant through capability

Servo Driven Mechanical Feed Type to 2 HP (1.6 kW)

Varimec Series-Fully programmable compact unit    with rigid guide rail system for precision drilling and    light milling applicaitons.
Mechatric Series-Fully programmable with coolant    through capability.

Pneumatic Type to .60 HP

Pneumatic Series-Air feed and rotation with built in    governor designed to maintain consistent drilling    speed.

Portable Concentric Drilling Units

Portable pneumatic drilling units specifically designed for the Aerospace Industry

Elecon Feeder Series
Pneucon Feeder Series


Varimotor Spindles


High Rigidity Spindle Motor Varimotor

The same high-rigidity and high-power DC brushless motor and precise angular bearing as the Selfeeder Varimec are utilized. It is compact sized spindle unit and capable of doing heavy cut processing.




Flexible High-Pressure Water Deburring and Cleaning Machines

CNC Turret Type High Pressure Cleaning and Deburring Machines
Jet Clean Center™ Series

This CNC turret type cleaning and deburring machine is capable of jetting high pressure water of 50MPa (MAX) from a CNC positioned nozzle to the cross holes, deep holes and tap holes to totally remove chips and burrs. SLIM and WIDE machines are available depending on the installation space and workpiece size.

Jet Clean Center-U-Jet CNC Submerged Part Washing Machine


Jet Clean Center™ Series

Synergy effect between the 7 MPa HP Jet and cavitation efficiently and effectively removes debris from complex features within a part.

Jet Clean Center-BLOW Air Blow Drying Machine

Combining the rotating action of a 4th axis table with multiple air nozzles configured in 3 directions to effectively dry parts.

Jet Clean Center-Vacuum Dryer

A high drying standard is accomplished using a vacuum pump to generate a vacuum of less than 10 torr in the chamber to evaporate remaining moisture.


Cleanliness Assessment Systems

Jet Clean Center™ Series

The Cleanriser was developed to complement the JCC series of washing machines and to create a system that will systematically measure and assess washing results in an efficient and accurate manner.



Self-Unit CNC
Machining Modules

Self-Unit™ H7

Sugino H7 Self-Unit, horizontal machining module, is a compact module designed for transfer and index machines. H7 Self-Unit provides large transfer space and fixture space because of the horizontal design.
Ultra compact machining module, width only 570 mm, 22 inches.


Self-Unit™ V6 & V8

CNC controlled turret type vertical machining module.
Sugino V6 Self-Unit is appropriate for special transfer machines and drilling-tapping machines.
V6 Self-Units meet small space requirements at low cost. Turret type machining module.


Self-Unit™ H6

CNC controlled turret type horizontal machining module. Sugino H6 Self-Unit provides large transfer space because of the horizontal design, and is easy-to-integrate at low cost. Turret type machining module.


Self-Unit™ V9

Vertical type machining module with 17000 min-1 spindle (Option 20000 min-1).
Special designed spindle with highly accurate bearing is suitable for high speed continuous cutting.


Self-Unit™ H9

Compact machining module specially designed for ultra high speed cutting. Horizontal type machining module with 17000 min-1 spindle (Option 20000 min-1). H9 self-unit provides large transfer space and fixture space because of the horizontal design.
Also easy to integrate with loading system and robot.


Self-Unit™ V-1555 & V-1555F

For machining ABS parts. A compact machining center with a newly developed bed and column structure providing enhanced machine rigidity. Vertical machining module provided with #30 taper spindle and 15 tools ATC.


Vertical type

Spindle taper No.30
Y axis table traverse

Selfeeder Component
Tapping Units

Synchro Tapper STB-H/L 108U

The Synchro Tapper is an electrically operated automatic tapping system that quickly completes work cycles through its fast-action approach and reverse strokes. Acting independently, it complements any system using automatic drilling equipment.


Synchro Tapper ST-1

The Synchro Tapper ST1 is an electronically controlled compact tapping unit featuring an AC servo motor designed to tap small holes effectively.


Synchro Tapper ST-4

The Synchro Tapper model ST4 is a compact tapping unit. The ST4 utilizes an AC servo motor and provides mechanical feed with electricronic programable control. It is a powerfull unit with capacity to tap large holes such as an M27 in aluminum.


Synchro Tapper STE-H/L

Large-diameter tapping unit
The best tapping unit for automatic high-speed    tapping 1-5/8" (M48) tapping capacity


Synchro Tapper ST-2 & ST3U

Mechanical feed/electronically controlled.

Synchro Tapper STC-P


Powerful 1HP (0.75kw).
Long stroke 4.72inch (120mm).
Capable of producing class 3 threads with fully    synchronized feed and rotation.
Fast production with rapid feed available.

Faster production

Feeds are automatically changed from rapid approach to pitch feed to reverse feed on retract. This speed cycle greatly increases production capacity.

Capable of class 3 thread accuracy

Feed rate is synchronized with tool rotation allowing thin or soft materials to be worked efficiently.

Flexibility to meet your specifications

Easy adjustment for tap diameter, thread pitch and stroke length.

New Products

Portable Pneumatic Drilling Units target aerospace industry.

Designed to streamline drilling applications on large wing and fuselage assemblies, portable air powered Pneucon Selfeeders provide TIR of less than .0006 in. and deliver .0008 in. repeatability on depths. Double Hydro-Speed Regulator technology produces fine holes without burrs, and unit is equipped to provide cutting oil directly to tool tip where lubrication is most needed. Nose-mounted unit can be used in fixtures with precision collet holders and clocking bushing fixtures.



Quad-Spindle CNC Turret Unit optimizes productivity.

As CNC mechanical feed and inverter speed controlled unit, Selfeeder 4TH5 allows flexible programmable control of spindle rotation rpm and cutting feed. It is designed to be integrated into high-volume production applications and transfer lines to perform such operations as drilling, rigid tapping, facing, and chamfering. Design promotes versatility due to its CNC variable-speed spindles, which allow creation of finished holes at single station.


Multi-Spindle Drilling & Tapping Heads

Drill Chuck Style Drill Heads (Adjustable Spindle)
Collet Chuck Style Drill Heads (Adjustable Spindle)
Drill Heads Collet Chuck Style (Fixed Spindle)
2-Spindle ASA "Quick-Change" Adapters (Fixed    Spindle)
Drill Heads Collet Chuck Style (Quick Change    "Catch-Clip" Type)
Drill Heads ASA "Quick-Change" Adapter -
    "Catch-Clip Type"
Drill Heads Drill Chuck Style (Offset Fixed Type)
Drill Heads Collet Chuck Style (Offset Fixed Type)
Drill Heads ASA "Quick - Change" Adapter (Offset    Fixed Type)
Twin Drill Heads
Offset Drill Heads
Drill Heads (Fixed Type)


Tapper Heads Collet Chuck Style (Adjustable    Spindle)
Tapper Heads Collet Chuck Style (Fixed Spindle)
Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed    Spindle)
Tapper Heads Collet Chuck Style (Quick Change    "Catch-Clip")
Tapper Heads ASA Quick-Change "Catch-Clip"
Tapper Heads Collet Chuck Style (Offset Fixed)
Tap Holders
Tapper Heads

Roller Burnishing Tools

ID Processing

Superoll SH Series

Superoll SB Series

Superoll Slim CSL Series
Superoll ST Series

OD Processing

Superoll Slim CSA Series
Superoll SA Series
Superoll SE Series

Diamond Tools

Diamond Superoll DSR Series
CEH-4D1-R25 Cat's Eye R Surface
CEO-4D1R-S25 Cat's Eye S Surface


Flat Surface Processing

Superoll SF Series
Superoll Level

Single Roll Tools

Single Roller Superoll SR Series SR5AL-S25 type
Single Roller Superoll SR Series SR36M45ºL-S25
Single Roller Superoll SR Type

Mechanical Tools

Superoll MAC Series
Superoll ME Series
Bearingizer BG Series

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