Wasco is a customer driven company and tailor makes pressure and vacuum switches for the customer's total requirements. Custom applications includes adding pins and connectors of customer choice, bar coding, heat shrinkable label markers, adding customer part numbers to the label or anything else that makes it easy for the customer.

Customers will find Wasco to be very competitive in price. Wasco also offers a mix and match for customers who purchase for more than one pressure switch application. Wasco encourages annual blanket orders to allow for maximum cost savings to the customer. Samples are available for customer test and evaluation.


Value Pressure & Vacuum Switches

P6 Automatic Reset Switch

Automatic Reset switches, which are the most common type, will change the state of the electrical poles ("cut-in/cut-out") when the pressure crosses the activation point (set point). The electrical state will return to the previous state when the pressure crosses the deactivation point. These switches do not need human interaction to operate.


P7 Manual Reset Switch

Manual Reset switches will change electrical state ("cut-in/cut-out") and lock when the system pressure crosses the increasing activation point. When the system pressure drops to the deactivation point, the switch's electrical state will remain unchanged. An operator must depress the manual reset button in order for the switch to return to its normal (deactivated) state.


Standard Pressure & Vacuum Switches

P110 Standard Pressure Switch

Technical Specifications:
• Setpoint Range: 1.0-500 PSI
• Temperature Range: -65° F to + 225° F
• Leak Rate: ≤1.0 x 10-3 cc/min Air ("Bubble Tight")
• Weight 3.5 oz (typical with 12 inch "W3" electrical


V110 Standard Vacuum Switch

Technical Specifications:
• Setpoint Range: 1.6-29.5" Hg
• Temperature Range: -65° F to + 225° F
• Leak Rate: ≤1.0 x 10-3 cc/min Air ("Bubble Tight")
• Weight 3.5 oz (typical with 12 inch "W3" electrical

High Purity Pressure &
Vacuum Switches

• SP120 Series
• SV120 Series
• UHP150 Series
• UHP160 Series

Dual Pressure &
Vacuum Switches

• TP700 Series
• TV700 Series

Other Products from WASCO

Differential Pressure &
Vacuum Switches

• DP30 Series
• DV40 Series



Manual Reset Switches

P7 Series


Pressure & Vacuum Switches With Overpressure Protection

• P250 Series
• P325 Series
• P400 Series
• V250 Series

Solid State Pressure &
Vacuum Switches

• HE 901 Series
• HE 902 Series
• HE 903 Series
• HE 904 Series
• HE 905 Series
• HE 906 Series
• DP30 Series
• DV40 Series

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