Actuators, Pneumatic

When you need pneumatic actuators look no further as W.C. Branham has designed and manufactured a wide range of popular rodless cylinders that can be integrated into endless industrial automation applications. It's an even money bet that we have more than one solution for your application depending on your budget.


MAGTEC® Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinders 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 inch bore sizes.


pneU-SA® [noo-es-ey] Rodless Enclosed Cable Cylinders 25 and 44mm (1.75 in.) bore sizes.


Rodless Cable Cylinders 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 inch bore sizes. Interchangeable with T-O-M Brand.

Air/Oil Intensifiers

W.C. Branham Air/Oil Intensifiers give you the ability to use hydraulic caliper disc brakes without the need of a hydraulic system pressure source by converting typically shop air, 80-100 psi, into hydraulic pressure. The benefit to you is the potential of reducing the need for additional hydraulic caliper disc brakes for your braking application, other components and cost savings.


How it Works

Air input to the Intensifier's spring return retracts the piston drawing in hydraulic oil from a reservoir and pumps it to the intensifier circuit at a pre-defined output (hydraulic) to input (air) pressure ratio. A Vented spring chamber eliminates back pressure.

Brakes, Caliper Disc

Do it All. Stop. Hold. Maintain Tension.


From a little as 600 to over 150,000 inch pounds of braking torque, W.C. Branham makes a wide range of caliper disc brakes for industrial and off-highway vehicular applications. Experience W.C. Branham innovation. Each of our caliper disc brakes is made of either quality machined or cast aluminum construction and hardcoated for long service life.


Uses. Manipulator arms | Hose Reels | Web and wire tensioning | Packaging | Printing presses | CNC machinery | Conveyor belts | Wind energy | Indexers | Utility trucks | Road construction | Turf vehicles | Lift trucks | Aircraft ground support equipment | Military trailers | Agricultural tractors | Mining


Wind Turbine Brakes

The Braking Power to Control Mother Nature

Mother Nature is powerful but as a leading U.S. maker of Caliper Disc Brakes with over three decades of manufacturing and custom design experience, our brakes will meet the challenge.


Growing now. Growing Fast.

The need for harnessing wind energy is more relevant today than ever before. The need to safely stop wind turbine rotors and control yaw position in various wind conditions is just as relevant. That is why W.C. Branham offers braking solutions for the wind turbine industry.

W.C. Branham caliper disc brakes provide you with a choice of service. Choose from Hydraulic, Mechanical, Spring Applied Pneumatic and Spring Applied Hydraulic types.

New Products

Branham Worm Gears Series 4

Three model configurations of W.C. Branham Series 4 Right Angle Worm Gearboxes include: Hollow Bore, Single Shaft; Hollow Bores Only; and Hollow Bore, Double Shafts - all in 10:1 and 20:1 ratios. Select models with .625 inch diameter shaft x either .625, .750, 1.00 inch diameter hollow bores. Each model is designed around a 1.333 inch center distance.

All models are constructed with double sealed, heavy duty ball bearings and case hardened worm gears.




Mechanical Disc Brakes for Unlimited Disc Diameter


Standard Features

• Cast or extruded aluminum construction
• Hardcoated housings
• Spring retractable piston
• Replaceable, non-asbestos friction pads
• Unlimited disc diameter, M38, M47, M200UL series
• Up to 16 inch disc diameter, M200 series
• Zinc plated floating bracket, M38 & M47 series
• Machined lever and cam, M38 & M47 series
• Stamped, heat treated one piece lever arm and cam,   M200 series
• Adjustment nut for pad wear


Gearboxes, Right Angle

W. C. Branham was industry first - with right angle hollow bore helical gearboxes that package an all ball bearing configuration in a leak-proof, sealed gearcase and pre-lubricated design. The immediate benefits were achieving higher thrust and radial loads, lower operating temperature for greater efficiency, no leakage, and longer service life.

Each gearbox has two helical gears that mesh at 90º to rotate power. They are bi-directional and slide axially along keyed shafts for easy installation. They are also vast improvements over "float or "slide" right angle models made by T-O-M Brand Hamel, MN. Shipped pre-lubricated and installation ready.

DoorTec Door Operators

W.C. Branham has been manufacturing pneumatic linear actuators specialized for the commercial door industry for over 14 years. In fact, we have more than three decades of actuator design experience that goes Into every DoorTec® pneumatic door operator made.


DoorTec Pneumatic Opening Systems offer a choice of pneumatic linear actuators. Choose the MAGTEC® series, with its' aluminum round tube body or the pneU-SA® guided series designed around a dual chamber extruded aluminum body.

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