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Valve Systems

Be it function integration with the AV system, hygienic design with CL03 or cost-optimized solutions with ES05, our valve systems always provide you with the right solution.

  • Integrated functions
  • Innovative and compact housing design
  • Comprehensive connection options
  • Precise and reliable
  • Modular and flexible
  • Application-optimized
  • Configurable with the online product configurator
  • AV Series
    Valve System, Series AV03/AV05

    Our Advanced Valve system has proven successful in a broad spectrum of applications. The recipe for success: Long-term research in the area of valve technology, continuous further development of the materials used, as well as fast implementation of innovative ideas to expand our modular concept.

    AV-BP Series for Control Cabinets

    The AV-BP (bottom-ported) valve system is the right choice for applications requiring installation of the Advanced Valve technology directly in the control cabinet. An easy, service-friendly, and space-saving solution that offers full modularity and flexible configuration.

    Valve System, Series ES05

    ES05 is a valve system that has been designed especially for standard pneumatics applications and industrial automation. Simple, flexible and efficient – without bells and whistles.

    Valve System, Series CL03

    Clean line to the maximum. The CL03 series is the ideal valve system for pneumatic solutions in the food industry – hygienic design, utmost configuration flexibility, module extension possible at any time, and protected at the highest level.

    Compact and Modular – Valve Systems Offering all Options

    All valve systems offer the highest flexibility and functionality. Highly modular in construction, they easily integrate into tight spaces and the most demanding work environments without sacrificing functional reliability.

    Solutions Precisely Tailored to the Application

    AVENTICS developed this flexible program with the motto “just the necessary components, but premium quality throughout” in mind. All systems are designed for simple installation and commissioning, which makes them particularly servicefriendly in daily operation. In addition, they offer all modern options of electrical and pneumatic connection technology.

    Expandable for Future Needs

    Thanks to their modularity, you can expand valve solutions at any time and adapt them perfectly to changing machine environments. Exchanging valves on the base plate is simple and cost-effective – and doesn't involve machine modifications. Another advantage of these valve systems is their comprehensive range of accessories, allowing for highly customized designs and equipment. Typical application areas are: automation technology, process control in machine construction, and general material handling including vacuum technology, all in a wide variety of industries.

  • xpandable at any time
  • Large range of accessories
  • Individual configuration

  • Optimized in Terms of Time

    If you want to implement optimal, machine-specific configurations, valve concepts without base plates offer additional flexibility. The simultaneous use of targeted single valves and modular stacked valve solutions from the same series can make things considerably easier, safer, and more cost-effective. This multifaceted series concept enables highly economic, compact solutions that are tailored to the specific machine environments. Their low installation volumes make them easy to integrate anywhere, and since they are so lightweight, you can install them directly onto moving machine parts.

  • Specifically optimized configuration
  • Compact machine integration
  • Direct mounting on moving machine parts

  • These valve solutions are often used in automation, as well as process control and assembly technology, especially in small handling, machine tool construction, and the electronics industry.

    Electrically, pneumatically, mechanically or manually operated valves

    Whether inside buildings or outdoors, whether under extreme temperatures or for precision tasks and high-performance applications – our selection of single valves for pneumatics will always meet your requirements. Regardless of whether they are used in a humid environment such as the food industry or in the harsh setting of an aluminum foundry: the single valves guarantee a flow rate performance of 50 to 13,260 l/min and their specific characteristics make them optimally suited for the most diverse application areas.

    Spool valves with metal housing, series CD

    Particularly resistant for demanding environments. Series CD consists of various spool valves with an extremely durable die-cast zinc housing. Its electrical, pneumatic, or mechanical actuating controls (roller, lever, pedal, or plunger) make the CD series the most reliable solution for applications in harsh industry environments.

    Spool valves with plastic housing for high flow rate performance, series TC08 and TC15

    Robust and flexible. The TC series includes a wide range of spool valves with housings made of high-performance polymers with robust and flexible metal inserts. It is designed for flow rate performances from 800 to 1,500 l/min. These directional valves are easy to assemble, making them ideally suited for applications requiring the highest efficiency in limited spaces.

    Diaphragm poppet valves with polyamide housing,740/840 series

    Simple, robust, efficient. Series 740 and 840 feature directional valves with soft, abrasion-free diaphragm technology. The simple, reliable and robust design is suitable for all air qualities and ensures high repeatability and unsurpassed service life. Due to its high resilience, the corrosion-resistant polyamide housing is also suited for dusty and moist environments.

    Poppet valves with polymer housing, 490/579/589 series

    Robust, lightweight and fast to assemble. Poppet valves of series 490/579/589 belong to the 2/2, 3/2 and 5/2 directional valves with plastic housing. The directional valves have a cost-efficient design and can be mounted individually or as a block. They cover a large range of voltages and feature quick connections for pneumatic tubing.

    Poppet valves for high working pressure and high flow rate performance, series 563, 565, 567

    Great capacity and endurance. The poppet valve series 563, 565 and 567 with aluminum housing are suited for assembly on single or manifold subbases and offer flow rate performances of up to 13,620 l/min with a working pressure of up to 30 bar.

    Directly operated poppet valves, series DO

    The poppet valves of the DO series offer a simple, reliable and robust solution for all classical pilot control functions with direct electrical operation.

    Spool valves with stainless steel housing, ST series

    For demanding industrial applications. The ST series offers a comprehensive range of spool valves with hardened stainless steel housing. The metal sealing system ensures their extended service life independent of the air quality. Its electrical, pneumatic, or mechanical actuating controls (roller, lever, pedal, push-button, or plunger) make the ST series the perfect solution for demanding applications in industry and panel installation.

    Compact and lightweight spool valves with plastic housing, series LS04

    Ideally suited for all embedded solutions. The spool valves of the LS04 series with their polyamide and aluminum housing are extremely lightweight and space saving. The valves are suitable for direct mounting onto moving machine and system parts.

    Poppet valves with aluminum housing, series AP

    Lightweight and resistant. The AP series offers a wide range of poppet valves with aluminum housing. With its many different versions of the actuating controls (roller, lever, pedal, push-button, or plunger) the AP series is the universal solution for automation systems and panel installation.

    Manually operated poppet valves, series 563 018/131

    Robust, sturdy, always ready for application. The poppet valves with hand levers of series 563 018 and 563 131 are available with flow rate performances of 300 l/min and 1,100 l/min. With their simple and robust design they are always ready for application and easy to operate even with work gloves.

    Communication is everything! By means of our fieldbus connections, valve systems can be directly integrated into the control structure of your machine. And with the help of the numerous I/O modules, sensors are read in and single valves are controlled.

    Control Module Series AES - Advanced Electronic System

    AES turns your valve system into a data center for pneumatics. The fieldbus connection AES can be integrated into all fieldbus-compatible valve systems, thus reducing storage and simplifying commissioning processes. AES connects your valve system from AVENTICS to all relevant fieldbus protocols and offers the integration of I/O modules and enables optimized decentralized wiring of sensors.

    Series BDC

    Bus Direct Control bus couplers can be used with a variety of valve systems, such as HF and CD. If you do not require I/O modules, BDC is the perfect solution. Small dimensions and good value make this choice interesting.

    Series CMS

  • Central fieldbus connection with I/O function
  • Control of HF, CD-PI series valve systems
  • Stand-alone version
  • Series DDL

  • Decentralized fieldbus connection
  • Control of LP, HF, CD-PI series valve systems, E/P pressure regulators, I/O modules
  • CKD

  • Pilot operated 3, 4, 5-port solenoid valves
  • ISO 5-port solenoid valves
  • Air operated 3, 4, 5-port valves
  • Direct acting 3-port solenoid valves
    12-Port #10-32 Hex Manifold

    May be mounted on jigs, fixtures or machinery to provide up to 12 convenient #10-32 outlets from one standard 1/8” pipe connection; may be used with any Clippard #10-32 fittings, quick connects and many other devices; unused ports can be plugged with screw plug 11755.

    6-Port Rotary Manifold

    May be used either as a rotary joint or as a stationary manifold. Ideal for distributing air or liquid from center column onto a rotary index table. Unused ports may be plugged with screw plug 11755 and gasket. Low RPM applications.

    Miniature Terminal Blocks

    To help organize connections in circuit boxes, control panels and machine piping. Cross drilled mounting holes permit mounting of “T” in any direction. Use screw plug 11755 to plug unused ports.

    #10-32 Block Manifolds

    One end may be used as the air supply to the manifold and the other end plugged.

    #10-32 Block Manifolds with #6 Screws

    One of the stations must be used as the air supply to the manifold.

    Inline Manifolds
    10-32 (F) Ported Brass Manifold

    Pneumadyne’s 10-32 (F) Brass Manifold has 6 output ports for fluid distribution. Ideal for use with air, water or hydraulic oils, Pneumadyne's original Brass manifold features two 1/8 NPT (F) input ports and six 10-32 (F) output ports. Simply install fittings into the ports to produce an organized and convenient method of supplying multiple lines from a single source. Custom manifolds are available to meet your specific application needs.

    Inline Manifolds

    Pneumadyne’s Inline Manifolds are available in a variety of sizes and materials.

    MEAD Manifolds

    Mead offers manifolds to simplify piping.

    Dual Air

    Pneumadyne’s Dual Air Manifolds offer two separate manifolds in one block.

    Junction Blocks

    (Four, six, eight and 10-station blocks in a union configuration.)

    Terminal Blocks

    (Two, four, six, eight and 10-stations in a tee configuration.)

    Junction Blocks

    Pneumadyne’s Junction Blocks feature a union configuration and 3 port sizes

    Terminal Blocks

    Pneumadyne’s Terminal Blocks feature a tee configuration with 3 port sizes.

    EB 80 Electro-pneumatic system
    Valves series MULTIMACH
    Input/Output PROFIBUS-DP
    PLT-10 multiple connection
    Multiple Connectors