Full Line Pneumatic Components



  • Design and function custom-configurable
  • On request, drawing approvals and FAT
  • All components meet the requirements of ship classification authorities
  • High availability thanks to serial CAN bus
  • Reduced initial-startup effort thanks to pre-assembly
  • Flexible functions

    Marex OS II for controllable pitch propellers – design and function custom-configurable The propulsion components can be controlled mechanically, pneumatically, or electrically. The engine speed and pitch can be set independently, or together (combined operation). Different characteristic curves for speed and propeller pitch as well as defined speed levels can be selected at the press of a button.

    Marex OS II CPP technical data

    Marex OS II from AVENTICS – efficient, reliable control of controllable pitch propellers. The remote ship control controls the engine speed and pitch of controllable pitch propellers relative to their load, or the jet propulsion. It also actuates PTO and PTI, shaft brake, sailing position (including monitoring by a standby pump). The components are connected by preassembled cables and communicate over a serial CAN bus which ensures an extremely reliable control procedure. Information from the safety system can be integrated in the control procedure.

    The flexible Marex OS II CPP ship remote control for controllable pitch propellers and jet propulsions

    Designed for applications in diesel drive engines, this type of Marex OS II control can be found on passenger ships and utility vessels, freight carriers, as well as on motor and sailing yachts of all kinds and sizes to safely and efficiently operate controllable pitch propellers and jet propulsions.These controls are now also used on ships with diesel-electric and similar propulsion systems.

    Marex OS III

    A host of integrated functions – a broad spectrum of application options Marex OS III systems are available for ships with fixed pitch propellers. They are easy to integrate and enable efficient, highly effective control. With its many designs and sophisticated features such as illuminated scales and integrated buttons, the Marex OS III offers optimized operation.

    Marex OS III – remote control system for reversing gear systems

    Utility vessels with classification, passenger ships, coastal cargo liners, to yachts can all rely on one of our most tried and tested products. The hardware of the Marex OS III consists of only a few modular units that are extremely powerful thanks to their bus connection.

    Marex OS VBR

    The control converts the operator's control commands into CAN bus signals. Redundant systems are provided with an additional potentiometer. The commands which are entered by means of the keys and the feedback to the lamps are transmitted intelligently to both systems. The signals are processed according to the time and pitch curves in store and transmitted to automatic proportional valves or actuators. Alternatively, the signals can be transmitted to the PLC which will then actuate the shaft adjustment.

    The flexible remote control for controllable pitch propellers

    Passenger ships and utility vessels can count on reliable navigation thanks to the Marex OS VBR for Voith-Schneider propellers. Developed in close collaboration with Voith Turbo Marine, the Marex OS VBR is ideal for Voith-Schneider propellers, controllable pitch propellers, and rudder propellers for new ships or retrofits.

    Marex VCS

  • Manual emergency control, feedback display for the valve
  • Touchscreen control with mimicked ship movement
  • Optionally integrated tank monitoring
  • Standardized data communication to all systems on board
  • Interface to Marex AMC
  • The environmentally friendly Marex VCS (Valve Control System) ballast tank system

    Unrivalled in the TCO analysis thanks to cost-effective procurement, reliable continuous operation, and low operating costs: Our pneumatic ballast tank systems convince with a proven design, personal support up to commissioning – and a global service network. The system’s primary advantage is its simple design: a control cabinet and – ideally – a loop are all it takes. Our ship control concept does not require electrical connections for power supply for the basic systems – it is complete pneumatic! The Marex VCS is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for cargo management, trimming, or ship stabilization.

    Marex AMC Compact

    Marex AMC Compact enables the receipt and display of purely binary signals. LED panels with freely configurable texts are available for display. The safety system is easy to integrate into control cabinets.

    Suitable for many applications:

  • Safety system
  • Alarm system
  • Monitoring system
  • Watch cabin unit with engineering call function
  • tart-stop system for diesel engines
  • Compact system with small dimensions. As one of the most compact systems on the market, the Marex AMC Compact features stackable modules whose size corresponds to the standard dimension for control cabinet installations. Its EPROM memory can be exchanged easily and customized on-site. Programming is performed with a customary burner. Its serial line architecture allows for distances of up to 2,000 m between the components without any special cable requirements. This reduces costs and enables re-use of cables, e.g. for a retrofit.

    Marex AMC Modular
    Marex AMC Modular – your safety upgrade

    Marex AMC Modular offers major benefits for data transmission and security thanks to CAN bus technology. Displays from 6.5" to 19" are available with a touch function on request. The user interface can be customized.

    Highly versatile application options with Marex AMC Modular

  • Alarm and monitoring systems
  • Safety system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Secondary display for engine alarm systems
  • Automation systems
  • Navigation light control
  • Marex AMC Modular: convincing in every detail

    The CAN bus technology reduces the cabling effort. If necessary, the system can be configured redundantly to minimize the risk of a system malfunction. The displays are equipped with an automatic dimming function. They remain readable anytime, even with varying light incidence on several displays. Transflective, energy-saving displays also make it possible to work in bright sunlight.