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Full Line Pneumatic Components


RTC Rodless Cylinders

  • Robust, oval piston design
  • Sturdy, compact profile
  • Adjustable pneumatic end-cushioning
  • 4 versions available: RTC-BV Basic Version, RTC-CD Compact Guide, RTC-HD Heavy Duty, RTC-SB Slide Bearing
  • Easy installation of cylinder using two styles of foot mounts, or choose end cover mounts
  • High Speed: Speeds up to 21 feet per second
  • Space saving, high performance

    The Series RTC is the latest generation of rodless cylinders from AVENTICS, building on years of experience with rodless cylinder design. The RTC features a very robust, virtually leak-free design with high speed capability. Offering inch and metric options in four main versions, the RTC can be custom configured on-line. By choosing the Easy-To-Combine option, the RTC can be combined with other AVENTICS standard actuators to build modular automation systems.

    Product Features:

  • Oval-shaped piston provides greater resistance to side load and a low overall height
  • Available in inch stroke/ports or metric stroke with ISO G (BSPP) ports
  • Bore sizes: 5/8" (16mm), 1" (25mm), 1 1/4" (32mm), 1 1/2" (40mm), 2" (50mm), 2 1/2" (63mm) and 3" (80mm)
  • Stroke length maximums vary by version and bore size, up to 389" (9900mm)
  • Sensor magnet standard
  • Shuttle and piston body in one piece, a robust design integrated for high strength and long life
  • Cushioning: adjustable pneumatic end-cushioning plus impact bumpers in polyurethane reduce noise and absorb impact forces
  • Use our internet configurator to custom design a cylinder and get a part number and CAD drawing.
  • High-power OVALDRIVE

    An oval piston design permits unusually high load and torque absorption, as well as ultra-compact machine designs.

  • High load capacity and rigidity
  • The wide slot offers optimized belt return and smoother running
  • Lateral torques are absorbed by the piston
  • For compact machine designs
  • Performance

    High-tech grease and specific sealing material for smoother running and extended service life, coupled with decreased wear.

  • Compatible with a large speed range from 0.01 m/s up to 20 m/s
  • Can be used in a wide temperature range
  • Minimum leakage and high energy efficiency
  • Cushioning pins on the pistons and enlarged air ducts in the profile covers enable high speeds and ideal pneumatic cushioning
  • Reliability and long service life

    Wear-free magnetically attached exterior strip, scraper, and sealing strip protect the cylinder from exterior effects, make it dust and dirt resistant, and increase its service life.

  • Scraper and cover strip made of stainless steel provide optimal dust protection
  • Piston and slide in a single unit increase the rigidity and decrease machine downtimes
  • Special sealing strip (steel wire reinforced polyurethane): extremely stable material prevents expansions that would interfere with the function
  • RTC with intermediate stop

    The multi-position solution enables more than one intermediate stop. In addition, travel can continue in the same direction following an intermediate stop. The RTC cylinders offer compelling advantages at all levels.

    The RTC cylinders offer compelling advantages at all levels

    Easy-2-Combine interface
    Standardized mounting interfaces for direct connection of AVENTICS components. Less moving mass as no transition plates are required. Simplified machine design and reduced mounting effort.
    Air connections on both sides
    Flexible mounting options thanks to free choice of air connections on both sides. Compressed air connection indicators in the end covers indicate the direction of movement.
    Sensor slots on both sides
    Sensors are visible and mountable from the top and the side. The special design allows mounting of two sensors in each slot, including an indentation for cables.

    Rodless Cylinders Series 50

    The Series 50 rodless cylinders are available in 7 different diameters to cover as many applications as possible. A permanent magnet is assembled on the cylinder piston allowing the position to be detected by means of proximity switches positioned on the sliding axis. This series of cylinder is normally supplied with end-stroke cushioning, that can be regulated by means of a screw located on the end-cover.

    Rodless Cylinders Series 52

    The rodless cylinders Series 52 are available in 5 diameters (25, 32, 40, 50 and 63 mm) and comes in three main versions: Basic (M), with Slide bearing (G) and with Roller bearings (R). Furthermore these three main versions are each available with either standard- or short carriage to cover a wider range of applications.

    Cylinders with Integrated Guide Series QCT and QCB

    These compact cylinders, designed to be used in applications where space is limited, are available in two versions: one with sintered bronze bushes (model QCT) and the other with linear ball bearings (model QCB). The QCT version would normally be selected when the side loads applied to the cylinder are high. Model QCB cylinders are suitable for high precision and fast cycling applications.

    Cylinders with Integrated Guide Series QCTF and QCBF

    These cylinders have been designed to be used in applications where space is limited. Regarding the bearings, the Slide Units are available in two versions, one with double sintered bronze bushings (Mod. QCTF) and the other with double linear ball bearings ( Mod. QCBF). The QCTF version would normally be selected when the side loads applied to the slide unit are high. Mod. QCBF is suitable for fast cycles (less side load) and higher precision.

    Twin Cylinders Series QX

    The Series QX offers a range of actuators covering a great number of applications which require a guided linear movement. The design of the double piston, besides assuring a solid and effective guide, offers double force in compact dimensions. Where a high force with precise movement is required, along with a nonrotation function and integrated guide, the QX cylinders are the ideal solution.

    Rodless cylinder SRL3
    Resistant to high load and durable. High-speed rodless cylinder Series runs from φ12 to φ100 with a variety of choices.
    Flat cylinder

    Piston is flat, with a structure allowing it to receive load. Highly load-resistant, with rotation-stop mechanism also provided.

    Sealing belt

    Seal part is straight, improving sealing performance.

    High-speed packing

    A piston packing for high speed operation has been adopted.

    Common port

    A common port (one-side piping) or standard port (both sides piping) can be selected according to the installation location. Downsizing of equipment realized.

    Magnet provided as standard

    Compatible with switch installation as standard.

    Electric Cylinder / Rodless / Belt-Driven / Lightweight

    Belt-driven rodless electric axis with a V-Lock interface. The structure features an extremely lightweight yet high-strength anodised aluminium extruded profile. The typical V-Lock dovetail is obtained at the base of the extruded body ensures easy installation using QS elements; at both sides there are grooves for the installation of the fixing bracket of the (optional) proximity switch that detects the position of the slide. The slide is moved by means of the polyurethane toothed belt with steel cables. The parabolic profile of the belt tooth combines with the anti-friction nylon coating to enhance efficiency, reduce the level of noise and vibration from transmission gears. The slide interface is characterised by the V-Lock profile complete with M5 threaded holes, pinholes and key seats, which guarantees numerous fixing options.Two different variants of the in-line guiding system are available: the version Medium uses casters running along hardened and tempered steel guides with double-row ball bearings running along the specific H&T steel rail; the version Heavy, high-efficiency, consists of a guiding system with a rail and ball recirculation pads.

    Pneumatic Cylinder / Double-Acting / Rodless / With Adjustable Cushions

    Rodless cylinders come in five different bores - 0 16, 25, 32, 40 and 63 mm - and the design incorporates numerous innovations.

  • Calibrated extruded anodized aluminium alloy barrel
  • Sensor slots and accessory slots in the barrel itself
  • Longitudinal seal by means of specially-shaped indeformable stainless steel strips
  • Strokes 100 to 5700 mm with 1 mm intervals
  • Adjustable integrated pneumatic cushioning
  • Adjustable limit switches and decelerations con be applied at any time
  • For this type of cylinder {size 32 and upwards), the valves can be fitted directly using the retracting sensors without requiring any intermediate brackets.
    Pneumatic Cylinder / Double-Acting / Rodless / With Adjustable Cushions

    Series PU rodless cylinders have an internal strip for longitudinal tightness made of polyurethane (PU) with a harmonic steel wire core. This solution gives excellent air tightness values. It is particularly suitable for high-speed and highly cyclical applications, even with long strokes. The external strip, which merely provides protection against of foreign bodies entry, is made of harmonic steel. The anodised aluminium cylinder liner has a T-slot on either side for housing the retracting sensors. Cylinder control solenoid valves can also be housed in these slots and secured by means of plates and screws (see page A1.48). There are plastic anti-wear guide pads on either side of the carriage to increase the load capacity. They engage V-slots in the cylinder liner. All the cylinders incorporate adjustable pneumatic cushioning. One version has hydraulic decelerators + adjustable limit switches. These can also be added at a later stage by purchasing the relevant kit. The balanced drive version avoids having to transmit transverse torques and forces to the carriage whenever the load is supported by guides outside the cylinder.

    Pneumatic Cylinder / Rodless / Magnetically-Coupled / Anodized Aluminum

    V-Lock rodless cylinders come with bores Ø 16, Ø 25 and Ø 32. Their main feature is that the carriage support has a dovetail with V-Lock grooves for mounting other components in the V-Lock family. The provision of threaded holes and centring pins allows non-V-Lock components to be fixed onto the carriage. The fixing legs also use the V-Lock system, so the cylinder can be fixed onto something else using K or QS elements. The carriage support is mounted on ball-recirculation pads that run on tempered guides and can withstand very high loads and moments.

    Electric Cylinder / Rodless / Belt-Driven / Anodized Aluminum

    Belt-driven rodless electric cylinder with V-Lock type interface. The cylinder structure features a sturdy anodised aluminium extruded profile to ensure optimal rigidity. The typical V-Lock dovetail (no grooves) is provided for easy installation using QS elements. The V-Lock interface with a dovetail and standard grooves is mounted on the moving plate to fix the other components using K or QS elements. The slide is moved by means of adjustable casters running along hardened and tempered guides inserted into the extruded profile, to obtain a rigid system with adjustable clearance. Guide lubrication nipples are also mounted on the slide plate. The slide is driven by a reinforced belt that is in turn operated by a pulley keyed onto the motor; a mechanical belt-tensioning system is mounted on the cylinder. Different drives are available, both brushless and stepping. The versions with a brushless motor can be equipped with a 1:3 speed gearbox, when you want to make the most of the available torque. In addition to the standard drives included in the catalogue, custom cylinder can also mount other types of motor. The homing position is identified by a inductive sensor included in the supply.

    Electric Cylinder / Rodless / Anodized Aluminum

    Electric axis without screw piston rod, with V-Lock interface. The cylinder frame is made of anodized extruded solid aluminium, which gives the cylinder optimal torsional and flexural rigidity. The typical V-Lock dovetail is provided on three sides of the channel for easy fixing with QS elements. The carriage features an interchangeable fixing interface plate, which is available with V-Lock axial or V-Lock orthogonal ports or in the blank type for custom solutions. The carriage is driven by two sturdy pre-loaded ball recirculation bearings that ensure great accuracy of movement. Threaded holes for the lubrication of the guides and ball recirculation screws are provided on both sides of the carriage. The carriage is driven by a system consisting of a hardened and tempered screw and a ball recirculation lead nut. The screw is pre-stressed with an elastic load device by means of cup springs in order to reduce vibration and hence noise level and the useful life of the system. A series of slots for the fixing of magnetic sensors are provided on the two sides of the liner. Various BRUSHLESS and STEPPING motor drives are available with optional motor brake and/or built-in encoder. The cylinder can also be supplied without motor drive or, on request, with modules for interfacing with motors from the trade. The motors can be installed in line with the liner or geared using toothed belt transmission gears.