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The research for innovative and reliable products, linked to high quality standards that derive from a fully automated production, allowed CEME to introduce its products in the medical sector. CEME produces electro valves and pumps used in many medical systems such as sterilisers, autoclaves, oxygen concentrators, solutions for dentists and much more. The range of plastic electro valves, plastic and steel, is completed by a series of clamp-on total separation electro valves, developed specifically for this field. Control systems such as pressure gauges and transducers are suitable for this field thanks to their demonstrated reliability and precision. CEME, always open to innovative research, is available to develop customised solutions upon request.


CEME produces electro valves and pumps for multiple applications in the beverage sector. A wide range of products for applications in contact with drinking water, in compliance with the main international reference standards. In this sector, in addition to the management of main coolants and water, CEME developed a group of vibration pumps for syrups, concentrates and alcoholic liquids to meet the needs of new improvements required by the market. At the same time, the strong development of plastic valves, with patented solutions, and of control and safety components (pressure gauges, transducers, safety valves) provide CEME customers with a complete kit of components for the design of new automated beverage distribution machines. The experience the CEME research and develop team developed on beverage applications is at the disposal of customers for the design of integrated or customised solutions, in order to quickly and innovatively meet evolving market needs.


CEME offers a wide range of electro valves suitable for any installation need, for the control of water flows in any circumstance. The catalogue offers electro valves with hydraulic connections from 1/4 up to 2, different types of seals and gaskets and a series of coils that cover any kind of electric voltage. CEME electro valves guarantee resistance, efficiency and optimal performance and they are suitable for thermal-hydraulic plants, washing systems, hygienic-sanitary plants, cooling systems for machine tools, irrigation, water treatment and more. CEME also recently added a new series of latching valves suitable for particular sanitary plants, such as automatic taps and timed showers to its wide range of products. Our ability to develop customised solutions to meet all customer requests derives from our skills and a constant focus on innovation.


CEME produces a wide range of solenoid valves specifically designed for refrigerating plants and application in the refrigeration & air conditioning sector. This range includes direct drive and servo drive valves, with several fitting types and with the choice of different voltage coils. In addition to this product range there are electro valves for water and water-glycol that are used on chiller units. For this kind of system, CEME also produces a series of peripheral pumps that are perfect for recirculation functions. CEME is a reliable partner in the conditioning world and boasts many collaborations with important players in the sector. It designed and produced their customised solutions, using products such as CEME vibration pumps, that are the absolute reference for condensation discharge systems for conditioning plants.


Connecting life and science. When a single drop of fluid can make the difference in someone’s health, you need smart fluid handling solutions that get the job done safely. Biopharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide rely on CPC for reliable sterile connect and sterile disconnect products that improve yield, cut costs and reduce time to market. CPC connectors are specially engineered to maximize design flexibility, allowing you to create robust systems with minimal risk.

Single-Use Technologies
  • Aseptic Connections
  • Aseptic Disconnections
  • Steam-Thru® Connections

  • Single-Use Applications
  • Transfer Lines
  • Sterility Assurance
  • Filter Integrity Testing

  • Serving consumers safely. Dairy products, filtered water, condiments, soda and coffee dispensers—whenever consumers are trusting you with the quality of consumable products, you can trust CPC to deliver food and beverage handling connections that are reliable. And, if your application calls for it, spill-free, too. With hundreds of options, all engineered under the criteria of NSF/ANSI Standards and available with certification, many CPC quick disconnect couplings promote health, safety and ease of use on food equipment—whether it’s on a manufacturing floor or in a restaurant lobby. And, with the tool-free quick disconnect couplings, a visible thumb latch, RFID functionality, built-in shutoff valves and the audible CPC “click” for added peace of mind, you can choose a low-maintenance, easy-to-service solution that helps everyone operate more efficiently.

    You can trust CPC couplings with your air and fluid handling medical applications. CPC quick disconnect couplings make medical device connections that are cleaner, faster and, most important, safer. Whether your application calls for non-valved or non-spill, low flow or high flow, reusable or disposable, our broad range of standard – including a complete line of small-bore connections, fittings, luers – and custom-engineered components can meet your every specification.

    When every connection is critical. From the operating room to the dentist’s chair, there’s no room for error. CPC quick disconnect couplings help you make medical connections that are cleaner, faster and, most important, safer. Whether the application calls for non-valved or non-spill, low flow or high flow, reusable or disposable, our broad range of standard and custom-engineered components can meet your every specification. We even offer hybrid solutions that transfer gas or fluid media while incorporating signal transfer for an all-in-one connection.

    When it’s critical to maintain the integrity of your sterile fluid transfer application, you need a partner with experience that understands the nature of your work. CPC is the leader in single-use connection technology, because our sterile connection technologies feature intuitive designs that are robust, reliable and easy to use. With the industry’s broadest range of sterile connectors—from 1/8” up to 1”—featured in our AseptiQuik® series, our solutions give biopharmaceutical manufacturers greater flexibility. In addition, our Steam-Thru® Connections—winner of a Technology of the Decade award in 2012—ease the integration of hybrid systems and minimize cross-contamination risks, giving you sterile, reliable connections day in and day out.

    Bridging the lab and the real world. When you’re designing equipment for analytical testing in the lab, your customers don’t have the time or resources to deal with extra variables like fluid spills or safety concerns. They need easy to use equipment—with a small footprint—that will increase their throughput. That’s why engineers count on CPC to deliver quick connects and disconnects in a variety of materials to improve the safety and simplicity of handling reagents and buffer solutions. They make equipment installation and service faster—allowing lab technicians the flexibility and efficiency to create ideal testing conditions—while preventing misprocessing through integrated technologies like RFID functionality.


    Deionized Water and Purified Water are frequently used in refined chemical processes, biological development processes, pharmaceutical production processes and semiconductor manufacturing processes. Depending on the system in use, most Deionized Water Systems include a pass-through filtration stage which also purifies the water. The deionization aspect of the water purification process is the removal of a high percentage of the dissolved and suspended mineral ions (salts). These mineral ions include Chlorides, Sulfates, Nitrates, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, and Sodium.

    he most common Deionized Water Systems utilize a series of pass-through holding tanks which flow pressurized facility water through two chemical resins (Anion Resin and Cation Resin) and one or more carbon and fabric filtration tank or cartridges.

    The Anion Resin Tank removes:
  • Chlorides (Cl)
  • Sulfates (SO4)
  • Nitrates (NO3)
  • Carbonates (CO3)
  • Silica (SiO2)
  • Hydroxyl (OH)

  • The Cation Resin Tank removes:
  • Calcium (Ca)
  • Magnesium (Mg)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Manganese (Mn)
  • Sodium (Na)
  • Hydrogen (H)

  • International Polymer Solutions ("iPolymer") manufactures a complete family of products for Deionized Water Systems and Purified Water Processing Systems. The key is combining a class of high purity polymer materials that do not contribute to the addition of ion particles in the water flow path. These polymers are also selected to ensure a high degree of chemical inertness and inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses within the media. The Deionized Water flow path from the outlet of a certified Deionized Water Purification System to the point of client-use must be carefully reviewed. Each fitting, section of tubing, valve and dispensing device should be classified for Deionized Water use.

    Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known by its popular E.I. DuPont trade name Teflon®, is well suited for clean room and deionized water applications. The nature of PTFE, a pure Carbon and Fluorine long molecule bond, results in a highly inert, chemical resistant, hydrophobic material. PTFE is ideal for use in Deionized Water Systems.

    iPolymer offers a number of Fluid Handling components for Deionized Water Systems

    These include:

  • PTFE Fittings and Connectors
  • PTFE Tubing, FEP Tubing and PFA Tubing
  • PTFE Ball Valves, PTFE Check Valves, PTFE Metering Valves, PTFE Plug Valves
  • PTFE Solenoid Valves and PTFE Pneumatic Valves
    Water & Wastewater Chemical Metering Systems

    FMI's Water & Wastewater Chemical Metering Pumps provide solutions for precision metering of fluids, which typically pose unique application challenges for other pump technologies. Fluids metered include sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, caustic soda, soda ash, lime, hydrazine and many more. Application challenges include fluids, which out-gas, crystallize, and contain various concentrations of particulates and suspended solids.

    The Chloritrol®
    Valveless Chlorine Injection Pump System The Pump That Never Loses Prime!

    The Chloritrol® is a valveless metering system for accurate, maintenance-free injection of sodium and calcium hypochlorite for purification of municipal drinking water. Totally new patented technology & field tested, perfect for high and low demand applications, including Ultra Low Volume.

    Accurately metering liquid sodium hypochlorite presents a unique challenge because of the fluid's tendency to out-gas. Many conditions including elevated temperatures, exposure to UV radiation, and cavitation, in addition to contact with metallic and organic impurities tend to increase sodium hypochlorite out-gassing. The resulting gas bubbles present a condition known as "gas lock" which adversely affects the efficiency and accuracy of the injection pump's output. This, in turn, can significantly reduce the amount of chlorine added, and in the worst case, cause the pump to completely lose prime. In addition to the sanitizing of drinking water, the Chloritrol® is an excellent choice for accurate sodium hypochlorite addition for municipal swimming pools, water parks, resorts, food processing plants, and waste treatment applications.

    Variable Speed C100A DC Controller

    The Fluid Metering, Inc. C100A Variable Speed DC Controller is designed to operate with FMI's Variable Speed Chloritrol® Drive.

    C100A Features:
  • Provides 0-90 VDC power to FMI variable speed 90VDC metering systems
  • Selectable manual or electronic control
  • Maintains & resumes output settings following power interruptions
  • Gasketed NEMA 4/12 Enclosure