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  • Voltage and Current Output
  • Gauge, Vacuum, and Compound Pressure
  • General Purpose and Wash Down Enclosures
  • OEM Pressure Transducers Featuring Exceptional Proof Pressure and Stability Specifications

    The 1200 series pressure sensor features stability and toughness via its CVD and ASIC design coupled with a thicker diaphragm. The thicker diaphragm enables these pressure transducer sensors to survive most pressure spikes caused by pump ripple, solenoid valves, etc. The 1600 series extends the packaging options by providing an all welded stainless steel back end for demanding industrial applications. A modular design allows special ordering of fittings, electrical cables, etc. for OEM applications. The ASIC and CVD technology enables Gems™ to offer almost any output over any pressure range.

  • Off-Highway Vehicles
  • Natural Gas Equipment
  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Power Plants
  • Refrigeration
  • Robotics
  • HVAC



    Gems™ Pressure Transducers Deliver Top Performance and Value Under Pressure!

    When your applications require exceptional pressure sensing performance and long-life reliability, look to Gems to deliver. From vacuum to 10,000 psig (-1 to 689 bar), we've got you covered with the industry's largest selection and best choice of pressure transducer technologies. Our capacitance type sensors are ideal for high volume use; sputtered thin film types are the most precise pressure sensors you can buy, and our other types satisfy all requirements in between.

    Typical Pressure Transducer Applications
  • Off-Highway Vehicles -- Load Weighing Systems and Load Moment Indicating
  • Natural Gas Equipment -- Compressors and Dispensing Equipment
  • Semiconductor Processing -- Wafer Manufacturing
  • Power Plants -- Piping Steam Pressure
  • Refrigeration -- Compressors and Lube Oil Pressure Sensor & Equipment
  • Robotics -- Factory Automated Equipment
  • Test & Measurement -- Dynamometers, Medical Instrumentation, Wind Tunnels
  • Barometrics -- Altimeter certification, Weather Stations
  • HVAC -- Compressors, Filter Monitoring, Energy Management
  • Transportation -- Breaking, Compressors, Lifts, Air Conditioning

  • Psibar® CVD Type Pressure Sensors

    Chemical Vapor Deposition manufacturing methods bond a polysilicon layer to a stainless steel diaphragm at the molecular level to produce a sensor with superior long term drift performance. Common batch processing semiconductor manufacturing methods are used to create a polysilicon strain gauge bridge with terrific performance at a very reasonable price. CVD construction offers excellent price/performance and is the most popular sensor for OEM applications.

    Sputtered Thin Film Type Pressure Sensors

    Sputtered film deposition creates transducers with maximum combined linearity, hysteresis and repeatability. Accuracy is as high as 0.08% full scale with long term drift as low as 0.06% full scale per year. Phenomenal performance for critical instruments -- Gems sputtered thin film transducers are the jewels of the pressure sensing industry.

    Capacitance Type Pressure Sensors

    Gems manufactures capacitance type pressure sensors for a wide range of high volume OEM specialty applications. Detecting the capacitance change between two surfaces allows Gems transducers to sense extremely low pressure and vacuum levels. Robust construction allows these units to be used in a wide variety of applications. Coupled with an ASIC, these units provide good price/performance in a host of packaging styles.

    MMS Type Pressure Sensors

    These transducers employ a micomachined silicon (MMS) diaphragm to detect pressure changes. The silicon diaphragm is protected from the media by an oil-filled 316SS isolation diaphragm; they react in tandem to process fluid pressure. MMS sensors utilize common semiconductor manufacturing techniques that allow for high proof pressure, good linearity, great thermal shock performance and stability in a thin sensor package.

  • Excellent Repeatability, Reliability
  • Sensing Ranges from Vacuum to 10,000 psi (-1 to 689 bar)
  • Broad Range of Sensing Technologies:
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Sputtered Thin Film
  • Capacitance
  • MMS
  • Oil pressure sensor


    NOSHOK is an industry leader providing highly reliable and repeatable industrial pressure transducers and transmitters. Multiple measuring ranges, output options, process connections and electrical connections are available. NOSHOK Industrial transducers and transmitters are ideal for applications such as HVAC, hydraulics and pneumatics, injection molding machines, railroad equipment and stamping & forming presses, power generation, and aerospace equipment.

  • 100 Series Current Output
  • 200 Series Voltage Output
  • 615/616 Series High Accuracy
  • 640 Series Precision Heavy Duty
  • 660 Series Micro-Size

  • OEM Transducers / Transmitters

    NOSHOK OEM pressure transducers/transmitters include compact, high volume and RoHS compliant models. These sensors are ideal for applications including HVAC, hydraulics and pneumatics, mobile hydraulics, injection molding machines, railroad equipment, stamping & forming presses, and transportation. Multiple measuring ranges, accuracies, and electrical output options are available.

  • 300 Series Compact
  • 650 Series High Volume

  • Hazardous Location

    NOSHOK's rugged hazardous location approved pressure transmitters include explosion-proof, non-incendive, intrinsically safe and hammer union models. These NOSHOK transmitters combine the reliability and long life of diffused semiconductor and proven sputtered thin film sensor technology with robust electronics for outstanding performance and repeatability. They are ideal for applications such as oil field, pipeline gas compressor, offshore, chemical/petrochemical, water/wastewater and marine., and carry CSA, FM and CE certifications.

  • 621 & 622 Explosion Proof Transmitters
  • 623 & 624 Series Non-Incendive Transmitters
  • 625/626 Series Intrinsically Safe
  • 628 Series Intrinsically Safe Hammer Union

  • Sanitary Pressure Transmitters
    11 Series ASME-BPE Sanitary Clamp Pressure Transmitters
  • Ranges from vacuum through 0 psig to 400 psig
  • Current and voltage outputs available
  • 316 stainless steel wetted parts
  • Can be cleaned-in-place (CIP) or steamed-in-place (SIP)
  • Meets 3A requirements for the food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
  • ASME BPE compliant
  • CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI and ESD

  • Electronic Pressure Switches
    800 Series Electronic Indicating Pressure Transmitter/Switch
  • Compound and standard ranges from 0 psig to 10 psig through
  • 0 psig to 7,500 psig
  • 316L Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Current and voltage outputs available
  • 7 different output configurations available
  • Display and electrical connection can be rotated independently
  • CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI and ESD
  • RoHS compliant
  • Mechanical
  • 100 Series Miniature, Low Pressure
  • 200 Series Compact SPDT
  • 621 & 622 Explosion Proof Transmitters
  • 300 Series Compact SPDT
  • 623 & 624 Series Non-Incendive Transmitters
  • 400 Series Heavy Duty

  • Electrical
  • 500 Series Mag Switch
  • 800 Series Electronic Indicating Pressure Transmitter/Switch


    Vaccon offers a wide range of mechanical, electronic and pneumatic switches for use in vacuum level and parts presence detection applications. Please refer to the chart below for an overview and comparison of the features and options for every model. Vaccon’s electronic switching and sensing devices interface with electrical control circuits providing precision control for feedback mechanisms or system monitoring. These switches and sensors are ideal for use in part present detection, pick & place, material handling, End-of-Arm Tooling/Robotic assembly, leak testing, and monitoring. Accessories for the Vacuum Switches and Sensors include 5 m Cordsets with Quick Disconnect connectors and mounting bracket kits for the VDS and VDM Electronic Digital Switch & Sensor models.

  • Electronic Vacuum Switches and Sensors
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Switches – VSP Series
  • Adjustable Mechanical Vacuum Switches – VS / SX / SB Series
  • Adjustable Mechanical Vacuum Switches – VSW5A Series
  • Electronic Switches & Sensors Cordsets
  • VDM / VSD Electronic Switch Mounting Brackets