Shocks, Vibration Isolation



Smaller than traditional Wire Rope Isolators, these unique products provide simultaneous shock and vibration attenuation where sway and package space are a premium. Their symmetrical design provides consistent, multi-axis isolation and their small size permits isolation of individual system components, rather than the entire system. This creates a cost-effective shock and vibration solution.

Vibration Isolation in a Small Package

Use ITT Enidine Inc.'s Compact Wire Rope Isolators for the best performance in vibration isolation. The compact design is smaller than most wire ropes and can provide both shock and vibration absorption even in situations where package space and sway are an issue.

Enidine Inc.'s Compact Wire Rope Isolator is made of all-metal, which gives the best multi-axis shock and vibration isolation in a small package. Even reliable in hostile environments, the WRI products have almost no maintenance and are highly resistant to oil, ozone, abrasives, and chemicals. Using CWRI products can reduce the amount of premature equipment failure and costly machine downtime.

Even if you have a non-standard application, you may still be able to use regular Wire Rope Isolators. These standard products can suit nearly any application. In unique circumstances, Enidine can create a custom isolator for your needs.


  • Easy installation
  • Static load capable
  • Cost effective and durable
  • Metal design suitable for hostile environments
  • Perfect for sensitive equipment
  • Suitable with temperatures ranging from -100º to 260ºC
  • Individual system component isolation due to compact design
  • WEAR™ Pipe Restraints are wire rope isolators packaged in a linear configuration. They are designed to protect structures from steady state vibration, and restrain them from seismic and dynamic loads. Their unique design has eliminated the problems often associated with hydraulic or mechanical restraints, which are complex and prone to failure.

    Energy Absorption for Piping Systems

    WEAR™ (Wire Energy Absorbing Rope) pipe restraints are uniquely packaged wire rope isolators designed to protect structures from steady state vibration and isolate them from seismic and dynamic loads. These new generation energy absorbing restraints feature simple construction. There are no oils, seals or complex moving parts required to perform their function. The design has eliminated the problems often associated with hydraulic or mechanical restraints which are complex and prone to failure.

    The Wire Rope Isolator, which is the basic element of the technology has been successfully used by the military for more than 25 years. As a result, it conforms to government and military quality control requirements. The restraint is thus exempt from surveillance testing. In-place visual inspection is all that is required to assure operability. The WEAR™ can be provided with a wide range of piping accessories and can be supplied to ISO 9001, Mil-Q, Mil-I, B31.1 or ASME Section III subsection NF.

    Seismic Isolation and Pipeline Damping Keep Nuclear Power Plants Safe
    WEAR™ Pipe Restraint/Vibration Isolator

    When you need earthquake protection for nuclear, fossil generation plants, refineries and structures, you can rely on our class-leading WEAR™ pipe restraints and vibration isolators.

  • No oil, seals, greases or maintenance
  • Repeatable
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Proven Technology
  • No Maintenance
  • Nuclear, fossil generation plants, refineries and structures
  • Compatible with most pipe attachment hardware
  • Can be Customized to meet each unique application requirement
  • Environmentally Stable
  • Low Structural Loading
  • Dissipate Energy
  • Simple Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • High Cycle Fatigue Life
  • ITT Enidine Wire Rope Isolators protect valuable equipment by combating the harmful effects of shock and vibration. Their rugged all-metal design provides unsurpassed multi-axis isolation, requires no maintenance and is especially suited for harsh environments. Performance is unaffected by chemicals, oils, ozone, abrasives and temperature extremes. The smaller wire rope isolator series utilizes a special patented crimping process, making them especially reliable and cost-effective.

    High Performance Vibration Isolation Products

    Look to ITT Enidine Inc. for high performance Wire Rope Isolators and Compact Wire Rope Isolators. The wire rope isolators have stainless steel cable and aluminum retaining bars, which provides excellent vibration isolation. The isolators are corrosion resistant, which makes them environmentally stable and high-performance in a variety of applications. The isolators are completely unaffected by oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes.

    The compact wire rope isolator is smaller than a traditional wire rope and can absorb shock and vibration in small spaces. Single point mounting offers flexibility for integration into existing products.

    With versatile mounting options, crimping patterns, and size variation, helical isolator products can help your systems meet all requirements for industrial, defense, and commercial uses. ITT Enidine Inc. has a commitment to quality and all products meet the industry standards of DEF-STND 0755, MIL-STD-810, BV43-44, MIL-STD-167, STANAG-042, MIL-S-901, and MIL-E-5400.

    Both compact wire rope isolators and wire rope isolators can be used on galley components where motors and fans produce vibrations onto surrounding structures. They can also be used to control vibration and thermal expansion.

  • Shock and vibration isolation up to 100,000 pounds
  • 45 degree compression/roll
  • Fixed roll
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Fixed shear